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The Eugo case is exactly what I have been looking for in a diabetes travel case. In a world of dinky diabetes bags the EuGo reigns supreme. It is VERY well made and perfectly designed to fit a traveling diabetic's needs. The whole case is insulated to protect your insulin and other temperature sensitive supplies like test strips. It is designed to hold an icepack and wont leak! It even fits the largest of the Frio cooling sleeves perfectly. My favorite feature is the modular organizers in the main compartment. Pretty genius to take this idea from camera cases and apply it to a diabetes bag. My EuGo will for sure be traveling around the world with me from now on.

Zach T. @Travelbetic

I love the Eugo case. I bought one for my husband to carry his Type 2 diabetes medication and he also packs his meter and strips and lancets. I pack my Victoza pens in it and just insert an ice pack. It keeps everything in one place and it’s easy to just grab and take with us. Love it!

Sandra M.

I packed my EuGo bag and got everything in for a 2-week trip, including double the number of infusion sets and CGM supplies! I'm very impressed with this bag!

Beckie W.

I've been looking for a bag to organize all of my diabetic supplies. This bag organizes it all, and you can customize the pockets for each item. There is an insulated pocket where you can add a cold pack (not included) to keep your insulin cold while traveling. Everything I need to travel conveniently fits in this bag. The craftsmanship and material is high quality and lightweight. I love this product. I also use it at home to keep my diabetic supplies organized. Thank You for this product!

Diana L.